Restaurant Management System

Restaurant Management System

We provide a restaurant management system with all the needful features.

A restaurant management system is an online-based application that supports a restaurant business to operate business  We provide a restaurant management system with all the needful features. Datatrix Soft Ltd. is a software company in Bangladesh. We are trying to give one of the best services. Take our restaurant management system and operate your business quickly and more smoothly.

Features we provide for online food delivery system

  • Food ordering

  • Table management 

  • Food order receive

  • Order confirmation 

  • Manage chef

  • Stock management 

  • Accounting management 

  • Wastage mange

  • Manage employee

  • Customer management

  • Create offer and discount

What are the specialties of our software?

There are many similar applications like Datatrix Soft Ltd. provide, but we have some specialty that makes us different and special from others. Such as:

  • We provide a very fast and secure application.
  • Compatible on all devices and browsers.
  • Ensuring high quality by a certified software tester.
  • Quick solution to any problem.
  • Easy user interface
  • Integrated every updated feature.
  • Provide regular updates.
  • Our solutions are reliable.

Why should you choose Datarix Soft Ltd.?

You should select us for your software development partner because of

  • We are very trusted by a number of local and international clients.
  • Free support for quick solutions to any problem.
  • One of the most sustainable companies, there isn’t any chance to quit from the market.
  • Provide high quality of all applications.
  • Friendly behavior and support.

How do you contact Datatrix Soft Ltd?

It is very easy to contact us, there are many options to reach us. You may make a phone call or email or use the live chat option of our website & Facebook page.